Ten Thousand

I assume there’s some truth to

all that work ten thousand hours bullshit,

that is, if you work ten thousand hours at tennis,

you’ll beat Roger Federer on his home turf.

Certainly the idea of it gives the stolid among us hope.

But methinks ten thousand hours, or more hours,

of tennis won’t astronomically improve my game.

Might just wear me out. To think of the arts,

and to think of how I couldn’t ever quite cut it

as a novelist, and how I had always

found the going tough writing novels,

had found the editing process especially hard work,

when it should have been enjoyable hard work,

or why else do it, sort of thing,

I actually believe in my heart of hearts

that who you are needs to align with what you do

before you invest everything of yourself

in a project for an hour or ten thousand.

I am the Correcster. I’m about so-so tall. Copyright Light River Books and bipedal proprietors thereto.