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Mainstream media is responsible for fake news but not in the way that people might think. Mainstream media thrives on amygdala journalism [for and against, win and lose, fight or flight: fear, fear, fear, fear.] We learn to read news articles without reading them. Instead, we drink them immediately right back to our amygdalas, and with fear in our bellies. Emptied inside out, we drink in more of it.
Where have I mentioned the word “thought?” I haven’t. Because we don’t think when we drink in amygdala journalism. But that does not mean that we don’t think when we interact…


For the mind to be calmed
first it needs to be stirred


A quiet moment,
in my morning,
yet one too brief
for long thought.


It’s not quite that a new dog

will fill my night and day

and prevent me from following my dreams.

It is that this is the end.

That at the other end of the dog,

should I be here,

I will be into my seventies,

and I guess a lot will slow down by then.

There will be no

"the rest of my life" to follow on with

(during which anything might come true)

as there had been back when

Murray and Missy came into our lives,

back when I was still in my thirties.

This time a dog will take me into my seventies,

and my dreams will be about

where I have been, not about where I am to go.

This won’t be the dog’s fault.


Covid lockdowns in Australia

are a little like

when the music stops playing

in a game of musical chairs,

except that the game

isn’t played by kids having fun at a party.


Internet search engines truly are useless

sales-pitch devices.

I searched high and low

for a Samsung PC tablet

from around 2010

with hard side-bar keys,

and with something like a seven inch screen,

and all I can find through Google

is the gunk sellers want to sell me now,

which wholly shows the pointlessness

and the limitation of search engines.

There’s so much useless information on them,

on search engines, that is,

that professional researchers such as historians

will never find themselves out of work.

(Okay, I found it now, crisis averted:

the Samsung Q1 UMPC, thanks Google.)


Funny thing about getting older -

funny strange thing about getting older -

I keep telling myself that I’m younger

than my parents were when they were my age,

and that people of previous eras

aged quicker than me, and that, in a phrase,

age doesn’t apply to me,

and that exercise and healthy eating

will stop me getting old.

I guess we all tell ourselves that.

No matter how old we are,

and what it is we’re telling ourselves.


People, oh, we remain steady

and sing the praises

of our three hundred year college,

refer to the great bard of our era,

we talk of how our ancestry

moved from then to now.

And, then, that-what-we-are,

the next people forget

us they struggle forward

with their great bard and their ways.

And us – from their perspective-

we become a point in history.

We cease being knowledge known

and felt as if it were proof enough,

without a need to say or know more.


Tony is a man with whom

you best remain on cordial terms

but never befriend,

especially were you female.

At the beginning, he’s the best friend.

He flirts and provides favor,

and sometimes advancement too.

But then, might it be on a whim,

he leaves you, and closes the door,

and you know what it is to have been

a part of the inner circle,

but to be a part of that circle no more.

Finally redundancies fall,

and they fall on you,

and you can’t pay your mortgage

or your kids’ bills.

Tyrants make the biggest splash as…


People underestimate

the humble potato chip,

a marvel of food technology,

prepared solely as a vehicle

to deliver fat, salt, and sugar

directly to the gut.

The only way to get these

ingredients to the body quicker

is through intravenous drip.


I am the Correcster. I’m about so-so tall. Copyright Light River Books and bipedal proprietors thereto.

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